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  • Download TrackWary SpyPhone as an 'Over the Air' install directly onto a mobile phone and receive copies of Call Logs, BB Messenger, GPS/Cell Locations, Emails, and even listen live to conversations within minutes of purchase.
  • Protect your family and children. Catch cheating wives or cheating husbands, stop employee theft, protect children, use it for backups or to bug meetings rooms etc.

At MobileZenith, we specialize in BlackBerry development. The MobileZenith TrackWary software is the most powerful BlackBerry tracking application available today. With features not found on any other product. It can be installed on a single BlackBerry device or on all company-wide BlackBerry devices. With optional features like highly accurate GPS location tracking, Call Logging, Email and Message forwarding and Media file forwarding. Trackwary Tracker even allows you to:

  • remotely call the BlackBerry and turn it into a listening device without any ring or alert to notify anyone carrying the phone
  • shrink images captured by the built in BlackBerry camera (reducing bandwidth usage) and send them instantly via email to a specified email address while ensuring the message log does not contain any record of the outgoing email ever occurring.
  • Essentially, TrackWary Tracker turns a blackberry device into much more than a standard smart phone - it makes it a remote beacon, listening device and reconnaissance tool!

    The software is intended to be absolutely discreet, erasing all evidence of its outgoing data being sent and even its existence on the cell phone.

    While the application is running it will continue to send new data to the TrackWary Center server when data becomes available so you can monitor the data at anytime from anywhere in the world.

    It is the only application of its kind with complete two way communication with a server allowing you full remote of the BlackBerry device. You can send setting changes and commands to and individual BlackBerry device or to a group of them. Each individual device will return an acknowledgment of the settings change or command being completed.

    If you ever wish to remotely remove the application or reinstall the latest version to the BlackBerry phone you can do so by sending the command to any of the BlackBerry devices.

    Not only is the software intended to be absolutely discreet it is designed for professional use. There are numerous features of the software ensuring the application is always running, hidden in the background. All data is packaged in a queue to be sent out so if there was a problem with network communications, the data will be resent with no lose of data when communication is restored.

    Feature List:

    • Remote listen to the surroundings of the phone - ideal for couriers, police or taxi/limo dispatchers
    • Full GPS location tracking shown on maps (even if the phone does not support GPS)
    • Completely hides the application and any data sent from the phones message logs or application list
    • Forwards all incoming and outgoing emails to the email address of your choice.
    • Sends an email containing all new media files to the email address of your choice. Images will be reduced in size to reduce bandwidth
    • The Application is a custom built application designed specifically for communicating between your BlackBerry devices and the TrackWary Center server and can be installed on multiple BlackBerry devices for tracking any number of BlackBerry phones. Ideal for large companies for employee phones.
    • All features can be enabled/disabled on each BlackBerry device remotely by you from the TrackWary Center server
    • Complete tracking of Call Logs, Tasks (To Do’s), Contacts, and Calendar (Events) data
    • Reports battery levels
    • Schedule phone memory maintenance to ensure the phone runs as efficiently as possible.
    • Full control of specific features settings for each BlackBerry device controlled remotely by you from your personal TrackWary Center
    • Complete insight into everything that happens on the BlackBerry device you wish to monitor!