BlackBerry Surveillance Tool - Quick Install

This is no replacement for the Instruction Manual. But it does provide a nice overview of the OTA/Non-QR-CODE installation process.

OTA (Over the Air) BlackBerry WebBrowser-based Quick Install

If you have private access to the BB for 5 minutes you should easily be able to complete installation, set the application permissions and have the time to delete the web browser history. It is absolutely just as simple as
1. Make the purchase-this gives you access trackwary center
2. Get the BB- go to "" or "" or "" (any of these will work)
3. Log in with your account info
4. Click on the "Trackwary Center" link
5. Install the software and immediately set the application permissions to allow-I'd just set everything to allow if I were in a time crunch.
6. REMEMBER to delete your browser history
7. IMPORTANT: make a phone call to activate the software (this will give you a second chance to set permissions if you did not set them when prompted at install time)
8. Everything else (settings/reports) can be done remotely on your PC or BB.

You should be able to complete installation, from start to finish in 5-8 minutes, tops. Once installed and app settings are established, you're good to go. Should you encounter any problems just send them a quick email under the "contact us" link. Their response is quick and thorough (from my personal experience).

Additional details/screencaps can be viewed here.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us here: